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About Seed Digging

You are LOVED * You are VALUED * You are NEEDED * You are ACCEPTED * You BELONG * You are SAFE * You are SECURE

The Seed Digging Model blends concepts, strategies, and techniques of well-established counseling models and current neurological research into a language of a garden to bring simplicity and understanding to the world of mental health.

The Seed Digging Model seeks to equip clients, clinicians, and communities to not just "survive" but "thrive" in everyday life. The acronym SEEDDIG is at the core of Seed Digging and is used with clients (in therapy sessions), clinicians (training sessions), and communities (trauma-informed school based and agency services). 

SEE the big picture! It's so important to not judge a book by its covers, a garden by its weeds, and a person by their problems. Sessions begin with "no judgement" and in a shame-free environment. 
SCREEN and access what innate need is lacking (please attach link to the universal screener here). The Seed Digging Universal Self-Esteem Screener, based on Maslow's Hiearchy of Needs, is used as a baseline to determine what "seeds" the child (or adult) is lacking. This tool will become vital in therapy sessions and also as a resource for parents, teachers, and those involved in care of the client. This tool is also important when assessing school and/or agency needs.

Educate on the development of emotions and behaviors through a garden analogy, psychological perspective, neurological perspective, cultural, and biological perspective.
Equip with tools and strategies from numerous models and techniques in counseling such as (CBT), interpersonal neurobiology (Dr. Daniel Siegel), attachment theory (John Bowlby), narrative therapy (Michael White), and mindfulness to help the brain "replant" and "rewire" neural connections. 


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