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The Father She Had Longed To Know

Abused. Beaten. Scarred. Her daddy did things to her that broke her heart. He did things to her that broke her soul.

She never understood why she was such a "bad girl."

The man who was supposed to wipe her tears away. The one who was supposed to help her feel "safe" was the same one who hurt her.

Panic and fear gripped her heart at the "mention" of his name.

She cried a lot. She secretly wished she would die. She wished she had never been born. "Who could ever love someone like me?" she thought.

"If my own daddy could do those things to me, I must be unlovable," she painfully said as tears streamed down her face.

Failed relationships. Multiple divorces. She constantly looked for "love" in the wrong places. Desperate to find "acceptance," to patch her "wounded" heart, she became obsessive in several areas of her life.

She began working long hours. She worked multiple jobs. She joined clubs and organizations. She had a hard time saying "no" to anyone who "needed" or "wanted" anything from her.

She began climbing the social ladder at work. She would "sell" herself to anyone who would have her. She longed for approval. She craved acceptance.

She wanted others to "love her" for who she was. Her obsessive behaviors opened doors for others to take "advantage" of her. What felt like a band-aid to her wounded heart, ended up covering a dangerous infection that was permeating her entire body. It was slowly taking over her mind. It was destroying her soul.

Worthless. Hopeless. Fearful.

She had no desire to "continue on."

She often contemplated suicide. Pills would be her "choice." The "easiest" way to "disappear." "No one would notice," she thought. "No one would care."

I then asked if "Love" could speak to her.

She didn't know if she believed in "Love." She didn't even know if "love" existed. Her only idea of "love" was a skewed one that was formed from her abusive father.

In her desperateness, she said she wanted to try.

Immediately "Love" spoke to her.

"Love" reminded her of her past. He reminded her of a suicide attempt when she was a teenager.

Desperate, alone, consumed with shame and guilt, she placed a "noose" around her neck. When she stepped off the stool, it didn't work.

The "rope" that she had placed around her neck had a "kink" in it. The "kink" had kept the rope from tightening. The attempt failed.

"Love" told her that he was the "kink" that saved her life that day. He had a plan. He had a purpose. And he loved her unconditionally.

She wept. She cried. But this time it was from tears of joy. She felt a presence like she had never "felt before." She felt His love.

She had finally found the love of a Father she had waited her whole life to know.

She discovered a "love" that day that would forever change her life.

"Love is patient. Love is kind....Love never fails."

"Truth Always Sets Us Free"

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