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Website Makeover & New Products! has been undergoing a makeover and is now updated and ready to use! Additional images and features will continue to be added, but the basics are all there...including new activity kits to go along with "Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit" book!

These activity kits come with all the supplies needed to conduct 3 small activities that provide concrete examples of the concept of "seed digging". Children read the book and identify "good" and "sad" seeds that have been spoken to them.

They then plant actual "good" and "sad" seeds and watch them take root in the "garden of their heart. After observing the "sad" seeds grow and take over their garden, they remove the resulting plants and seeds and replace them with Truths from the Wise Old Oak Tree.

Each of the three activities takes approximately 30 minutes to complete but are spread over a 2-week period (to allow the seeds to grow). Activity kits can be purchased individually or for groups of 5, 10, 20 or 50.

All activity kits and books are 10% off through Monday, February 20th!

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