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"Love is Patient. Love is Kind."

As a Counselor, this quote says it all to me.

I've had to learn to have eyes that see past people's behaviors. I've had to learn not to judge. I've had to learn how to listen to the heart when the actions speak so much louder. I'm so grateful that I get to see this quote in action, literally. To me Love is not only just a "thing" but a living Being-an amazing Friend.

I've seen Love speak to the hearts of so many who were desperate and ready to end their lives. I've seen Him speak in the most beautiful ways to those who have been abandoned, neglected and abused.

I've seen Him speak to those who didn't believe in His existence. I've seen Him speak to those who have done some of the most horrific things. I've seen His love dissipate bitterness, hate and rage, by a simple word spoken directly to the heart.

I've seen Him speak to those of various religions, cultures, and no religion at all. His voice is always kind and gentle. It never brings shame or guilt...NEVER. I used to would have disagreed with myself. But in the past several years, I've never seen this happen differently...EVER.

Love truly is an anecdote for hate, confusion, and anger.

Like a candle in a dark room. It changes everything. The darkness leaves.

His voice, His way of Love, overcomes the most harsh, angry, and revengeful soul. When He speaks, the heart listens--as if it was made to thrive by Love.

Just like flowers gravitate toward the Sun, our hearts were made to gravitate to His Love--that force field that continuously feeds the soul.

I've seen the most broken, hopeless, and depressed souls see Light again, in the midst of a black, endless abyss.

He doesn't judge. He only Loves.

His voice is always kind. His voice is always loving. His voice always speaks truth--truth that sets people free from the inside out.

I'm so thankful for my best friend. I'm so thankful that He showed me the way of Love--the way to Love.

I will forever be "in Love."

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