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We All Have Gardens

IMAGINE...pulling your sadness, anger, or fears up at the "root," making them disappear forever. Seed Digging is a quicker, more permanent path to emotional healing...

"Suppose for a moment that we all have gardens. Inside our gardens, a variety of plants grow. Some plants, like flowers and fruit trees, are refreshing and bring joy. Yet some, like the thorn bushes and weeds, take away from the life and production of the garden.

In our lives, these plants all start from tiny seeds. They are planted continuously throughout our lives when we believe things that are spoken or implied. When we choose to believe positive things about our lives that are “true,” a happy seed gets planted. This happy seed will thrive and grow and gets watered each time that belief is reinforced. Eventually that little seed will grow into a beautiful plant that radiates the beauty of the garden.

However, sometimes when negative things are said, a sad seed may be planted as well. Each time the sad seed is watered, that weed will grow and grow. When the weed gets too big, it begins to take over the garden. Before long, the beautiful flowers and fruit trees are hardly noticed, and the garden looks like a mess.

This illustrates our lives. The weeds and flowers represent a person’s actions. These actions are formed from what he believes. Every person has weeds and flowers—true and false beliefs. Some of our gardens are thriving with flowers and beautiful fruit trees, with only a few weeds scattered throughout.

Yet some of our gardens have only a few healthy flowers and fruit trees because they are being overshadowed by weeds—consumed by false and negative beliefs.

No matter how far gone one’s garden may appear to be, it can always be restored back to life and health.

The truly amazing thing is that it’s simple to prune and restore your garden to a productive state.

As the garden begins to be cleaned out and the weeds destroyed, the inner beauty of the garden begins to shine. The garden (person) begins to see its purpose with clarity and finds inner peace and strength that it may not have known existed.

This book will show you how to restore your garden back to a peaceful place with a very simple technique that can change your life forever: Seed Digging."

--Foreword taken from Seed Digging: A Simple Technique that Leads to Incredible Inner Peace

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